It's Good 2 Give Back


"I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver. "
-Maya Angelou

Members Project

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Vote, Volunteer or donate.  Every little bit helps.

Hold a diaper drive

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Hold a diaper drive for those in need.  Or, if you have left over diapers find out where you can donate them to in your local area.  Diapers are often a huge expense for those that can not afford them.

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Buy Textbooks @ Textbooks 4 Change

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6% of your purchase goes to repeal prop 8 which bans same sex marriage in California

100% of money they raise will go to the Courage Campaign's  Equality Program. A campaign that empowers grass roots and net roots activists to push for change and equality in California and across the country.

Rent text Books @ Chegg

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Rent your textbooks threw Chegg instead of buying new ones to help save the planet, save money,  and save trees. Everytime a textbook is rented threw Chegg they will plant a tree.  And, when you are done with the book send it back for free.

Chegg's has a program to sell your text books to them as well.  The average buy back is $40.00. They pay for your shipping, and they even plant a tree for every time you sell.

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Charity Counter

Build your own web counter and stick it on your website or blog. For each web hit counter placed Charity Counter will donate to a charity of your choice.  Measure your website's traffic and donate to charity of your liking simultaneously.

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Join My Village

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CARE and General Mills team up to help provide loans to help business women in Malawi.  Join My Village, Join A Village, and do daily activities to unlock donations for villages. Unlock up to $5.00 a day.

Soul Widgets

By adding a SoulWidget to your blog or website you will be help support all of the charities involved with the SoulWidgets project. When you visit  your blog or website both you, your friends, and followers  will be inspired to read the words of wisdom.

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Community Dictionary

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These definitions provided one meal for hungry children!

movie stinger - (Expression) A post-credits scene after a movie has played.
Usage: Jim normally likes to sit through the movie credits to watch the movie stinger because they are usually very funny.

violence - (Noun) extreme destruction, meanness, or danger

Use your knowledge to donate a school lunch to a hungry child. For every 2 words that you define and add to the online Community Dictionary you will generate a free donation of a school lunch to a hungry child threw Friends of the World Food Program. 

2 Words Defined =
 1 meal for a child

Build a Beard Workshop

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1. Select a beard
2. Print it out
3. Take a photo and e-mail it in
4. Generate a $1.00 donation to the Kiva

Charity Village

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Canada's super site for all things Charity.  Advertise, recruit, support Canadian Charities.  Over 3,500 pages of jobs, news,  how to articles, and so much more. 


Global Giving Fundraising


Help support a Grass Roots Project by spreading the word about an existing fundraiser at Global Giving. Or you can create a fundraiser for your own cause. 

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Register, and create a fundraiser to help your cause.  Let people know, so that you can find the people that are able to fund your project.  Grass Roots projects are about the support of the supporters.  Be a Global Giver. If you can't give money , give your time, give your voice, give Love.

Donate Air Miles


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