More Free Ways 2 Give

Give with Apps.

Facebook Apps.

Causes (Help support your fav. charities and causes)
GoodSearch (Search to give)
SocialVibe (Complete activities to give)
Every Click (Search and click to give)
Go Go Give (Click 2 Give W/ FreeRice.com & more)
Save A Dog (Adopt a Virtual Dog to help a real dog)
Save A Cat (Adopt a Virtual Cat to help a real cat)
Everywun (Everywun Badge)
IWon (Play Games for your team)
Willy's Sweet Shop (St. Jude's)
EarthKeepers (Plant Virtual Trees)
African Safari (Malaria Nets)
H2Opia (Donate Water)
Lil-Green Patch (Play and Save the Rainforest)
ZonePerfect (Become a Fan and ZonePerfect will donate 
$1.00 to VH1's Save the Music Foundation)
Bunny Blues (Play this app. and Durex will donate condoms in your behalf)
The Heart Truth (Diet Coke will donate $0.50 for everybody that joins the cause)

Like and give
Like these pages on facebook and give
IPhone or Android Apps.
A Free app. for your Iphone or Android.  Collect Karmas, Donate Karmas 
Click Icon Above to go to Care2 E-Cards Page
Click Icon above to go to CauseWorld Home Page


Offset Carbon threw CarbonFund.org
Provide a meal with Feeding America
Support American Red Cross
Give Clean Water threw CHF International
and more all from your phone.
 (Click Here) to go to Cause World Causes Page

Send an E-Card

Care2 E-Cards


For every eCard sent, Care2 will reward you with butterfly credits. The more 
e-cards, you send the more butterfly credits you will earn to donate to causes you care about.  
Click an icon below to send e-cards from your choice of destination.  Each card opened will donate to something different. Send for the cause you care about most or send them all!

Build a Lens

Squidoo: Create a Lens draw traffic to your page. Give back for free. Click the Squidoo charity button above to find out how.

Upload a Picture


For every picture uploaded to the eBay's Good Give Green community wall, eBay will donate $1.00 to charity

Lunch Note Promise

Click banner above to go to the Lunch note promise Home page

1. Download a set of lunch tags
2. Print them out
3. Write something encouraging on the tag
4. Drop it in the lunch box of your child
5. Donate a free meal to a hungry child

(One promise per person)

Donate Idle Computer Time

Click icon above to go to Superdonate Home Page

SuperDonate is a small program that runs on your computer.  While SuperDonate is running, you will automatically be donating to the charity that you have selected.  You will also be helping organizations solve big scientific, mathematical or medical problems.  Finally, you will be helping reduce energy waste, and pollution.

Source: SuperDonate


Click icon above to go to CO2Saver Home Page

CO2Saver is a lightweight program that manages your computer's power usage when it's idle, saving energy and decreasing the demand on your power utility.  The less electricity produced, the fewer harmful emissions and greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) are released into the atmosphere.

Source: CO2Saver

Click icon above to go to the Post Pals (UK) Home Page

Send an e-mail, letter, card, to a sick child to let them know you care and wish them well.  You can also sign their guestbook.
Even More Ways to Give Back for Free:

Give your Clunker cars to charity.

Give your clutter to your local donation drop off.

Teach your children to live green to give to their future.

Go Green and give back to the Earth

Live Green and give back to your body and family

Recycle old computer, cellphones, plastic bags, appliances, printer ink cartridges, anything, and everything. 

Trojan Videos

Click icon above to go to Trojan Videos Home Page

Donate 1-2 Condoms by interacting on the Trojan Videos website.  Post comments, watch videos, Complete a quiz, and more.  Help Trojan meet their donation goal of 1,000,000 condoms to promote safe sex practice and sex health knowledge around the worldwide.
Try this app on Facebook "Bunny Blues" By Durex. Play the app and Durex will donate condoms on your behalf. (Click Here)

Sign a cast

Sign a virtual cast, to help provide a real cast

Click "Sign a Cast Now" button on video above to Sign a Cast, and help a child walk.


Click icon above to go to the Be Part of SocialVibe page of this site

Join SocialVibe, pick a cause and your ready to start. Just do the sponsored activities on your  dashboard and share them with your friends.  Each friend that completes an activity will help you earn points and a donation for your cause.   You can even post your badge on your blog or website to help gain more interaction to your activities.  Learn more about SV and see my badge, click on the SocialVibe icon above.


Click the badge above to go to the KarmaSocial Home Page

Join KarmaSocial and they will donate $2.00 to charity.   This is a Ning social network that encourages Good Karma. Make a blog, invite friends, and interact to increase the donation even more.

The Giving Game

Click the banner above to go to the Giving Game

The Giving game is a game based on kindness. Do good Deeds and pass out your uniquely coded Giving Card. Encourage the person you gave your card to do the same. Log in and share your good deed on the site.  Track your code and see where your good deed goes.   This would be great as a class activity for all ages. Be Creative, Do Good! Play the giving game.


Good Shortcut

Click banner above to be directed to the Good Shortcut Home Page

Turn your long URL's into tiny Shortcut links while giving to a charity that you care about for free.  This currently doesn't work well with Twitter.  I have contacted the website and hopefully they will work on making it compatible.  So for now please use Good Shortcut for your blog or website.

Charities include:
Feed the Children
Boys & Girls Club of America
American Red Cross
and more.....

Give 4 Free Links

http://www.charityforfree.com - Complete Surveys
http://givingworks.ebay.com  - Shop, Sell, Buy and donate 
http://www.heartforhelping.com - Register to donate $3.00
http://www.bhookh.com - Click 2 Give Food
http://www.mycokerewards.com - Donate my coke rewards points to charity
http://www.united.com/page/article/0,,1363,00.html - Donate Charity Flyer Mileshttp://www.maketimeforchange.com -  Spin a wheel to enter into a drawing and everyday that you do Frigidaire will donate $1.00 to Save the Children
http://booksforkids.firstbook.org/jonscieszka/index.php - Join to donate a book
with Cheerios, and First Book
http://www.pathfind.org/site/PageServer?pagename=Girl2Woman_index - Share a video. Every video shared will donate $1.00 to Pathfinder International.
http://joinmyvillage.com/Home.aspx - 

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