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Play Crossword puzzles for charity


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Play Crossword puzzles and generate donations for the charity of your choice
Charitii's Charities:

Charity:Water - Donate Ounces of  Water
Oaktree Foundation - Donate minutes of Education
Nature Conservancy -  Donate Square inches of Rain Forest 
Philippine Aid Society -  Donate Points

Invisible Youth Network - Donate Points

Play Online Games


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Take the IWon team Challenge and play games for a cause you care about. Join a team, play games, win coins for your team, and chances to win prizes. Tons of teams to choose from, or make your own team. The team with the most coins at the end of the month will win $5,000 for their cause.
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Play for a Purpose

GMS - Play for a Purpose:

 An initiative that unifies Games, Gamers and Advertisers in the fight against cancer. Their goal is to raise $500,000 for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer.  All you have to do is hit Home-runs sponsors pay for the rest.  

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Check out GamesThatGive. They donate 70% of their money to charity.  You can play free games like Soduku, Gems and Solitaire and earn money for great charities like UNICEF


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Club Bing

Club Bing is a new way to play fun online casual games and earn! 
Everytime you play games you win tickets. (up to 1000 a day)
Just sign-in, play, and win prizes, or donate your tickets to your preferred Charity.

Club Bing

Club Bing Charity page

Complete Puzzles for charity


Solve puzzles to donate $1.00

Animal Health 

Animal shelters and charities 

Children's charities 

Answer Trivia for charity

Free Rice:
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For each answer you get correct World Food Programme will donate 10 grains of rice to help end hunger.  If that doesn't sound like much then please watch the video to the right.  The power of networking for a cause is amazing.

You can also download the Free Rice tool bar and feed the hungry by surfing the web.  Please visit the Surf the web 2 give page for more details.
Other games like Free Rice
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Experience Project


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Do Something about  Dating Abuse
Save Dogs
Save Cats
Save Seals
Fight Breast Cancer
Fight Autism
Save Tree's

Experience Project is committed to community driven contributions.  When you answer a trivia question, they make a donation to the cause of your choice.


Test your knowledge about the world.  With each correct answer FreePoverty will donate 10 cups of  water on your behalf.


- Clean drinking water will be provided to those who are dieing because they do not have access to even one sip.

- Your knowledge of the world map will increase each time you play the game. Yes, this area of knowledge is very important.

- By contributing in playing the 'game', you are saving lives.



Click icon above to got to the Helpthirst Home Page is a brain training and memory game designed to help improve your short term memory recall. It focuses your attention helping you to improve your focus and attention span.

Every time you successfully remember a number and type it in, you generate one cup of water for World Vision, which will go to those in need in the developing world and disaster areas.

The water donations are funded by the sponsors and advertisers.

Kibble and Kibble Cat


Right or wrong, you win! All you have to do is click on an answer, and every day you do they provide 10 pieces of kibble to Animal Shelters to help feed their hungry cats, and dogs.
 Play every day the more you play, the more kibble for the dogs, and cats!

Source: FreeKibble


Hunger Notes

Click icon above to be directed to Hunger Notes Free Donation Page

Take a quiz to contribute a donation of $0.02 to help feed the hungry threw Partners in Health.

 Right now they are offering a donation of $0.01 to feed the hungry threw Partners in Health for watching a video.

Go Fish

Click icon above to go to the Go Fish Game Home page

Play the Go. Fish! game to help stop overfishing. Answer all 5 questions and $1.00 will be donated to Ocean Conservancy to help support their efforts to put and end to over fishing and save the ocean.

Help Bihar

Click icon above to be directed to Help Bihar's Home Page

Answer Quiz questions.  Fore every correct answer you will donate items to Bihar Flood Victims. Band aids, torches, rope, biscuits, and more... threw different sponsors and PlanIndia

Give Vaccines

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Play a dictionary word game for each correct answer, GiveVaccines.Org will generate a free donation  to the GAVI Fund to purchase 0.01 mililiter (ml) of life-saving vaccine.

Aid to Children

Click icon above to be directed to the Aid to Children Home Page

Play a vocabulary trivia game.  For every correct answer Aid to Children will donate $0.25 to children in poverty stricken areas of the world.  They will donate all generated funds to  World Vision. World Vision helps children in need through education.

Coupon Quiz

Click icon above to go to Coupon Quiz

Answer Quiz questions to help generate donations of coupons for families of the military that live overseas.

You can also use an Any Soldier toolbar to help generate donations to provide soldiers with care packages. Click icon above.

Games that Give @

Play games to preserve vital rain forest
Play games to help fight hunger
Play games to help sheltered animals
Play games to help provide books to kids in need
Play games to help provide kids with health care
Play games to help fight breast cancer

(Each cause will receive 70% of profits made.)

Neon Sumo

Click icon above to go to the Neon Sumo Tree Planting Game page

Play the Tree Planting game at Neon Sumo to help plant trees.  For every 1 million points submitted Neon Sumo will make a donation to plant 1 tree threw Trees for the future.

For more ways to plant free trees (Click Here)

Play Games 2 Give Links - Take a quiz every quiz completed will raise  £1 towards environmental charities - Answer trivia questions to help generate donations to The Boys & Girls Club of America - Play games to help the needy;start=50;PHPSESSID=9pnif9f9de2cr8ck347pjd4725 - Play games to help fund education - Play games to help generate donations to Plan International - Play games to Save the Wilderness with The Wilderness Society - Take a tea quiz to save tropical rain forests

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