Sustainable Giving 101

Most of the time when you hear "donate to charity", you usually think about if you can afford it, before you give any money.  Right?  
Well, not anymore. I've researched some of the hottest ways to donate or give back to the world for free. Sustainably!
Giving back 4 free is the sustainable green way to give. It helps you save green while giving and going green.  

This is usually how a free donation site works. 

1.  You complete a task with the free donation website. (click a button, upload a picture, play a game, post a badge, answer trivia, share, etc.)

 2.  Companies sponsoring the website, cause, or charity will donate money according to amount of traffic the company received from your endorsements.

3.  The company that is sponsoring the website, cause, or charity receives exposure and advertising while you are endorsing the activity for their donation. (Also, kudos for helping a good cause.)

4.  The charity receives the donation. 

5.  The donation helps to save the earth, and saves lives. There are tons of causes. Pick one that you feel passionately about, or do them all.

6.  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat this process as much as possible.

7. Feel good about what you are doing.  Your helping to heal the world.

8. Smile.
There are tons of causes and charities to choose from. Pick one that you feel passionately about, or do them all. Usually sites will have fun things you will receive for your help. Some give out points, icon rewards on your profile, Rankings, etc. Please have fun with this. Do it with passion cause you are giving your time, and that is priceless.

Please be aware, most sustainable donating is from the bottom of your heart.  You usually do not receive any charity tax receipts, or tax cuts for this kind of donation. Although, you are donating your time, the companies sponsoring the cause are the ones donating money. So, they get the break.

Well, that is Sustainable giving 101 in a nutshell. If you would like to know more about click 2 give sites please (click here) for the Wikipedia extended version. 

Now, Let's gets started! 

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