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There have been a lot of companies participating in ReTweets (RT), or Hash Mark (#) Donation to give to charity for free on Twitter.  You post or retweet what they ask and they donate.  Some companies will donate up to $1.00 a post.  All you have to do is post a #(their word here) and a link to something related to that topic or a specific sentence on your twitter status to spread the word. 

Please check back often for updates to list of participating tweets and retweets. -Thanks

# Tweet2Support:

#MilitaryMonday - (Mondays) Help support our troops 
#CharityTuesday - (Tuesdays) Help support Charity
#Charity - (Any day)  Help support charity
#B4B -(Any day)  WFP's Billion 4 A Billion be one of the online billion helping the hungry billion 
#Give4Free -(Any day)  support free ways to donate to causes
#ClimateChange -(Any day) support global climate change
#Green - (Any day) Anything Green
#HelpHaiti - (Any day) Help support the victims of the Haiti Earthquake

Tweet 2 Give w/Hashtags:

#sxswHaiti - everytime you tweet @Paypal & @Microsoft will donate $0.25 to @SavetheChildren
#BeatCancer - you tweet @eBay & Miller/Coors will donate $0.01 to cancer research
#Help4Kids - you tweet and @USANAInc will donate $1.00 to @isupportCHF

Reetweet the following tweet:

RT @assetizeupdates Donate your status, bg to support Haiti.  Each RT = $1.00 Please RT #SuppHaiti 

(Click Here) to find out more info. on #SuppHaiti

Tweet To ReMIND

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Tweet to Support our Troops.  Tweet To Support is a movement to help injured war hero's and their families.  Help educate the world about the need of service men and women when returning from the war.  Even if you cannot donate, help spread the word.



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Allow an app. to run on your Twitter account to post important tweets from @water. is an organization that helps provide clean water for those that do not have access. One Billion people in the world lack access to safe drinking water. Please check out the (Water Crisis Facts PDF) provided by In order to participate you must go to the home page and click the icon on the Big Blue button that says "Retweet? Donate your status on Twitter...Donate Now>>". Then allow access of app. to your Twitter account.

DFF (Japan)

Click icon above to go to the Dff twit donation page to help support the earthquake victims of Chile.

Click Banner above to go to the Dff Home Page to find other ways to Click to Donate threw Dff.

For even more ways you can Click 2  (Click Here)
A great translation site to use is Google Translate

World Toilet Day

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Click icon above to go the World Toilet Home Page

(Click Here) to go to the Spread the word page for instant tweets and FB posts

Follow and Join: Twitcause

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Become a Twitcause star, connect your twitter account with experience project to donate your status and help causes.
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Support and vote for the cause you think should be featured on @TwitCause 

Find other ways 2 give on Experience project on the 
Play Games 2 Give Page 

Adopt A Pet

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Search Adopt a Pets data base of pet adoptions.  Find a pet you would like to help and tweet about it to let your followers know.  Now, you can help even if you are unable to adopt. 

Donate Your Status Links: - Tell @WhiteHouse about how you feel regarding your health care - Tell congress how you feel about the public plan - support welfare for chickens and a better deal for farmers - support marriage equality - Read their blog and donate your status to the pet of the week - Turn one tweet, into one voice.

Connect Your Networks


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Put a badge on your blogs, use the everywun app. on Facebook and add this badge to your profile.  For every post you make to your social networks you will receive credits.  25 credits per tweet up to 2 a day. 50 credits per facebook post up to 2 a day.  100 credit = 1 tree planted 250 credits = 1 meal for a child....etc.  If you posted everyday just think of the impact you could have with your Everywun credits.
Better the World

Better The World
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Put this badge on your blogs, allow the Better the world app. on Facebook. Let the world know about Better the World.  Allow Better the World to connect with your twitter account and receive 100 points for every week it is connected. It will let your followers know when you complete a goal for charity.  Complete goals and tell your facebook friends, with every post you receive 100 points.  You also will receive 200 points for recruits.  All points will help your charity.

Use the tag #BTW when telling your twitter friends.


Put these badges on your blog or website.  Complete sponsored activities to generate points for the charity of your choice.  After doing the activity post it to your Twitter or Facebook account.  Everytime one of your friends or followers completes an activity you will receive points depending on the value of the badge. Receive 100 points per recruit.  The more you interact the more you will raise for charity, also the higher your star level.  Which also means free swag for you. Win a pink ball, SV bracelet, and more...


Re:cycle a Tweet and Help save the Earth

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 Do good one tweet at a time. Recycle a bad tweet, for every tweet that is re:cycled $0.01 is given to real trash clean up with to. Learn how to recycle your friend's lame tweets to benefit garbage clean up.

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