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One for One
Give while you shop! For every pair of shoes you purchase from TOMS Shoes, another pair is given to a child in need. ONE FOR ONE.

"A leading cause of disease in developing countries is soil-transmitted diseases, which can penetrate the skin through bare feet. Wearing shoes can help prevent these diseases, and the long-term physical and cognitive harm they cause."

Source: Tom's

Since 2006 Tom's has donated over 400,000 pairs of shoes. Imagine life without shoes (Click Here) to go to the One Day Without shoes movement.

Grocery shop for Child Hunger ends Here

Child Hunger Ends Here
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When you shop at your local grocery store look for and buy participating items to help provide meals to feed hungry children. Every purchase fills a plate. Other ways to give as well.


Browse For A Cause

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Browse For a Cause is an add-on that is compatible with Firefox, every time you shop online you will donate to charity.

Charities include:

Save the Children
Carbon Fund
Humane Society Int'l
and more...


Search the Web Money-saving coupons
Raise money for your favorite charity just by searching the web and shopping online!
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Shop and give from 3% - 20%

GAVI Alliance

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It takes about $0.40 for 2 pills a day that could keep a person with HIV or AIDS in Africa Alive.  Will you help do your part and shop (RED)

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100% of proceeds go to ground work in Africa.  A portion of their funds goes to Global Fund, to invest in Africa AIDS program, focusing mainly on women and children.
(RED) your site (Click Here)


eBay Giving Works

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eBay will let the seller of product on World of Good to donate from 10% - 100% of items final sale price to charity. 
World of Good

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A market place full of fair trade, animal safe, sustainable eco-friendly products. 
All available in one place.

I Do Foundation

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Register your wedding threw the I Do Foundation.  Have your guests buy threw the participating stores and donate 10% to a charity of your choice. They have a data base of 1.5 million charities to choose from. Or they can donate directly to your charity registry and choose to give your gift as a tax-deductible donation.  You can even donate to charity by buying your favors, and invitations threw the I Do Foundation as well.  You can also get your own personalized website to let your guests know your weddings dates, and times. There are tons of donation options. 


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Everyday transactions can have a big impact. With Buy1Give1 now every time someone purchases a book a tree can be planted. Every time someone buys a cup of joe people can have access to clean water, and more!  This one is for businesses as well as individuals. 


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Rent or sell your Textbooks at Cheggs.  Every time you rent or sell textbooks threw Chegg's they will plant trees.  The more you rent or sell, the more trees you plant, CO2 you reduce, and money you save or earn.

Rent Textbooks & Save 65-85%

(Click Here) to find more ways that you can plant trees for free
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