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Use good search just as you would any other search engine. Quality search results from yahoo and a donation of a penny per search, to the charity of your choice.  
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Raise money for Music for Relief - MFR  just by searching the web and shopping online! an online shopping mall which donates up to 37% of each purchase to the cause of your choice! Hundreds of stores including Amazon, Target, Gap, Best Buy, ebay, Macy's and Barnes & Noble are teaming up with GoodShop to help you make a donation every time you shop.

Raise money for your favorite charity or school just by searching the Internet with (powered by Yahoo), or shopping online with

I GoodSearch & GoodShop for 

Better The World

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The site is called Better The World and it lets you raise money for charity for free - you choose a cause, take simple actions online, and money goes to support your charity.  That's it! You can even win prizes for being involved!  It sounds a bit too good to be true, but that's why I'm spreading the word, as together we can make a bigger impact. 

Download the toolbar and earn points for your favorite cause:

Habitat for Humanity
Children's Miracle Network
War Child

and more (Click Here) to go to Better the world Causes page.


join neoaid
NeoAid acts as a portal through which you access the sites you use everyday, like Google and Yahoo search, and various online stores ( like and These sites pay NeoAid money for directing customers to them, and NeoAid converts the majority of this money into donations for charity. You get to choose which cause you support (the environment, world poverty, etc.), and NeoAid has selected a charity that deals with this cause that will receive the donations you generate.


Use the Dogpile search engine to raise money for animal Rescue. Dogpile generates search results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.   
Do Great Good

Use the DoGreatGood search engine to donate to charity including animal rescue organizations and human service charities .  From the creators of Dogpile. DoGreatGood generates search results from Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.
Do Great Good


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When you search the web through (a search engined powered by iGive!), You raise a penny or more for your cause every time. Don't feel like registering?  Take out for a spin and raise a penny (or more!) per search

You can also use to raise money for Your Favorite Cause, every time you shop online at any of their 774 participating stores. 
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Reduce your carbon footprint when you surf the web by using Regoog.  Regoog is a Environmentally safe search engine. 

"Regoog is a Google based search engine with a green twist.  It is powered by energy efficiency.  Just by using Regoog as your standard search engine you automatically help promote saving power.  When you use Regoog, and spread the word of Regoog and its environmental message, you will help encourage world wide awareness to save energy, and help do your part." 
Source: Regoog

Free Rice

Download the FreeRice toolbar:

For every 5 genuine searches, you earn 2500 grains of rice.

Donate up to 5000 grains of rice every day just by searching the web from the toolbar.

Another great toolbar is the WFP HungerBasket Toolbar.  Help provide meals by surfing with this 


Search, Promote the site, and more to gain Karma, and help generate donations for causes

Become a Virtual Volunteer Army Member (Click Here)
Search the Web with Dreamer.Me
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Every search done threw Care2's web search engine will reward you with 10 butterfly εїз  credits. (Up to 40 searches a day.) Save up your 
εїз butterflies εїз and donate them to your favorite cause to generate a real donation threw Care2 sponsors.

(Click Here) εїз 2 find out how you can earn more εїз butterflies εїз 
Send Free E-Cards, Leave comments, sign and create petitions, and more    εїзεїзεїз


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Download the MyYearbook Toolbar. Search from the toolbar, each 5 searches results in 25,000 Lunch money. (Up to 10 searches a day) Earn additional LM from interacting on the site, playing games, battles, and more. Donate the lunch money you make to your favorite cause on MyYearbook Causes.

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So far Forestle already has saved 4,505,773.4 m² 
(4,927,513.8 yd² ) of rain forest!

 Forestle a CO2-neutral search engine, Each search you do at Forestle  saves 0.1m²  (0.11 yd²  ) of rain forest .

Forestle donates all profit earned by the search engine to The Natural Conservancy . The money is put into the Adopt An Acre program of the conservancy.


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Search the web to generate donations for charity.

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Veosearch Home Page

Search & Give Links - You surf, they plant trees - You surf, they plant trees (UK) You search to generate donations - Search to help clean up the planet - Surf to give to charity - Search, %100 of proceeds are donated to UNICEF UK - Search, %100 of profits are donated to UNICEF. Revenue will go to building schools in Africa. - You surf, they plant trees

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